Mezquita de Córdoba - Tegan Northwood

Musician and environmentalist Tegan Northwood is currently in Spain exploring the Mezquita de Córdoba - also known as the the Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba / and also, The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. Tegan focuses her eyes and heart on the Mosque structural aspects of this complex, contested sacred site.


Tegan writes:

"What an amazing step forward it would be if Muslims were once again allowed to pray in the mosque on Fridays - and share it with the Christians who took it over.

The whole building is such a mix of materials and religious traditions - the Muslims used the old Roman pillars in the construction of their pillars inside, reusing what had been there before... as well as the Spanish Catholics then building within the mosque and replacing a central part to build their main cathedral area.

Cordoba has in turn taken that mix of building and decoration styles on.  It would be amazing it the Mezquita became a multi-faith centre seeing as that is what has happened to the building.  Thankfully the mihrab still seems to be intact... it would be amazing if weekly prayer could be held incorporating it, inside the mosque, again."

- All photography by Tegan Northwood / April 2018. 


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