Sophia’s Spring: Eco-feminist liturgy

Twenty years ago a Melbourne eco-feminist community gave the name to Teresa Berger’s study of feminist worship in global context, Dissident Daughters. Berger’s book included a chapter by Dr. Coralie Ling, a leader in the Uniting Church in Australia and at the time of her writing, the pastor of the eco-feminist liturgical community included in Professor Berger’s book. That community continues, changed, and now meeting in the CERES eco-facility in Brunswick, Melbourne—and it is known as Sophia’s Spring.

Christina Rowntree, the coordinator of the Uniting Church’s Artfull Faith initiative, has detailed her visit to Sophia’s Spring. We’re delighted to include Christina’s narrative, as Teresa Berger’s book gave the idea to the section of this website on Rituals and Communities, and we are happy to acknowledge and honour the liturgical leadership Coralie Ling has given to not only to Sophia’s Spring, but the Uniting Church, and feminist communities in Australia and overseas.

Read Christina’s account of liturgy at Sophia’s Spring in the Rituals and Communities section.

Thank you, Christina.