Presider’s chair, pew, and door / The SCM Studyguide to Liturgy

"Those who do not change their minds in the course of a decade have probably stopped thinking altogether." 

     —Michael Howard, quoted by Kenneth Leech

I've been working on a second edition of the SCM Studyguide to Liturgy, and the process of revision has revealed to me both my own learning over time and the stubbornness of some of my liturgical convictions. 

It's 2006 since the first edition. In the revision I have tried to keep inviting readers to three vantage points on liturgical celebration:

1. Presider's chair

Wondering what optics and understandings presiders need to best fulfil their responsibilities as sometime voice, and servant, in Christian assembly.

2. "Pew"

Seeking perspectives from the midst of the assembly, itself the primary symbol of the liturgy.

3. Door

Paying attention to the entrance / thresholds / portals --crucial for missional consciousness-- through which, if they can find a way in, people may enter Christian worship as well as out of which worshippers are sent to share in God's mission in the wider world.




Quote at top of page: Michael Howard, The Causes of War, 6, cited by Kenneth Leech, Doing Theology in Altab Ali Park (London: DLT, 2006), 215.


(Photo: Stephen Burns.)