Welcome! The Future of the Prayerbook Symposium

Our symposium was held at Trinity College Theological School where Stephen Burns is professor, and the program  involved six papers, small and plenary groups, and refreshments (our photographer, Catherine Schieve, had to leave before the wine appeared!) The day was framed in prayer using Psalms from the 1995 ICEL Psalter, berakah prayer from Common Worship, intercession from Uniting in Worship 2, and the Easter season collects from the LTP Easter Soucebook via The United Methodist Book of Worship, and the Prayer of Jesus from Jim Cotter’s Prayer at Night via the Anglican Church of Canada.

The main papers were as follows, and will be gathered together with others into a forthcoming book.

Robert Gribben, “Prayer Books Past”
Bryan Cones, “Looking for the Body’s Language: Tracking the Roles of ‘Ministers’ in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer’
Gerald O’Collins, “The Missal That Never Was: The Suppressed Translation of 1998” 
Elizabeth Smith, “Liturgical Authorisation in Australian Anglicanism” 
Carmel Pilcher, “Creation in Christian Liturgy: Learning from First Peoples” 
Glen O’Brien, “The Sunday Service of the People Called Methodists: The Recovery of a Neglected Liturgical Resource” 
Charles Sherlock, “The ‘Prayer Book Tradition’: Back to the Liturgical Future”

Thanks to all who participated.