Thank You, Exploring Liturgy community!

Thank you Exploring Liturgy community... 6 months in!

Thank You dear readers, contributors, supporters, editors, fellow travellers, researchers, dreamers, creators and web-wranglers -- for a wonderful first 6 months of this Exploring Liturgy project! 

As co-editor of the project (Stephen Burns is the other editor) I have really enjoyed working with all the energetic contributors who have surfaced to share their images, thoughts and stories on our website. If you'd like to get a picture of who we are, at this moment, see the growing "Team" page. If you'd like to share your worship-related passions, please do contact us via this website.

Tile art, Malaysia; photo by C. Schieve

Tile art, Malaysia; photo by C. Schieve

A snapshot at this moment: our editors are in the U.K. and in Australia, and our contributors hail from Australia, the USA, Germany, Singapore, Spain, France, the Solomon Islands, Ireland, South Africa, and India. Our readers: you're everywhere - this is way more international than we might have expected! I especially love how we've made contact, through our publishings, with people in Nepal, the Pacific, and many other places quite far from our "home" cities and languages. Thank goodness, the Facebook outreach seems to cross beyond language barriers, communicating nicely using imagery and a few words. We're grateful too for many participants' contributions of their original research - including excerpts of writings, book announcements, art events and gatherings.

Here are just a few topics and moments that have brought me considerable joy over these 6 months:

... and more richness ....

How beautiful is worship!

How wonderfully diverse we all are!

I've been thinking a lot about the idea of "Welcoming the Stranger" and especially wanted to mention how I've personally felt welcomed as visitor (with camera, notepad and curiosity) amid communities in which I have been an obvious outsider. Thank you so much.

And a few celebratory photos - 

Worship at the Redeemed Christian Church of God; Christmas at Pokrov Russian Orthodox Cathedral; Karen Buddhist monks in the town of Nhill; Carols sung at Domenico's coffee; Daylesford Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade; a spray of plastic flowers; and me welcoming the Jade Buddha at the Great Stupa near Bendigo - all photos around Victoria, Australia by Catherine Schieve