Unconditional Hope / Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Teacher, Author, Hope-Amplifier

"Do you feel yourself hoping to hope? No matter what... Unconditional hope"

I've been following the teachings of Rabbi Menachem Creditor, formerly of the Bay Area, USA where he was spiritual leader of Netivot Shalom congregation, Berkeley California. Rabbi Creditor is now living and teaching in New York. He is the founder of Rabbis Against Gun Violence, correspondent for the Times of Israel, a prominent activist and also a poet and musician: Enjoy here 35 minutes of soulful Hebrew and wordless song, Torah reflections, and Jewish teachings offered with guitar, from his office:

Menachem Creditor, Live in Concert! (with Harmony in Unison) recorded March 14, 2017 Harmony in Unison is a Virtual Stage featuring live daily performances Sunday-Thursday of some of your favorite artists and up-and-coming artists! This concert features some of Rabbi Menachem Creditor's favorite original compositions!

Follow Rabbi Creditor's blog here: http://rabbicreditor.blogspot.com/

Rabbi Menachem Creditor as pictured on his LinkedIn page and YouTube channel