Liturgy With a Difference

Bryan Cones and I are currently working on the papers coming together as a book we are coediting, to be published next year by SCM Press:

Liturgy with a Difference.

It’s exciting to be reading these essays on diversity in liturgical assembly by Teresa Berger (Yale Divinity School), Susannah Cornwall (University of Exeter), Sharon Fennema (Pacific School of Religion), Ed Foley (Catholic Theological Union), Siobhan Garrigan (Trinity College, Dublin), Scott Haldemann (Chicago Theological Seminary), Michael Jagessar (United Reformed Church), Rachel Mann (Diocese of manchester), Anita Monro (University of Queensland), Bruce Morrill (Vanderbilt University), Cameron Partridge (Diocese of California), Frank Senn (Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary), Kristine Suna-Koro (Xavier University), Miguel de la Torre (Iliff School of Theology), Bryan and myself.

Here’s the brief descriptor for the book: 

This collection of essays gathers a broad range of international theologians and scholars to interrogate current practices of liturgy and worship in order to unmask ways in which dehumanizing majoritarianisms and presumed norms of gender, culture, ethnicity, and body, among others, remain at work in congregations in ways that continue to marginalize some persons. It will ask such questions as: Who is excluded still, and how, and who is favoured? What pernicious norms still govern below the surface, and how might they be revealed? How do texts, gestures, and space abet and enforce such norms? How might Christian assemblies gather multiple expressions of human difference to propose through Christian liturgy patterns of graced interaction in the world around them? The overarching goal is to propose pathways for renewed liturgical practice that recognize and rehearse the vivid richness of God’s image found in the human community and glimpsed, if only for a moment, in liturgical celebration. This collection points a way beyond mere inclusion toward a generous embrace of the many differences that make up the Christian community.


Photo: one of the authors in the book, Rachel Mann, by Antonia Rolls: