Makeshift tables: Open iftar

“Open Iftars” have been gathering crowds in Britain’s cities and other places around the world. Inspired by the tents that appear around Istanbul for Ramadan, tents have been placed in gardens, parks, cathedral grounds and other open spaces enabling Muslim people and others to gather in the evening to break the daily fast through Ramadan. As people arrive at the tent, which serves as a temporary mosque, they are given a plastic bag for their shoes and then sit at makeshift “tables” for the meal. 

Originally conceived as a ministry to Muslim students from overseas, and now in its fourth year, these iftars are sometimes also used to host speakers about Islam, and interfaith dialogue, so contesting ignorance, enabling understanding of difference.

Photos here from the open iftar at the Roman Catholic cathedral, Birmingham:

Alzazeera news report on the open iftars (June 8, 2018):

(Photo: St. Chad’s Cathedral website, as above)