Heart of the Universe


Blessed is She, Song of the Universe,
Who sang our world into being,
weaving mystical melodies
out of themes composed of dust.

She gathers us into Her cosmic choir
to teach us Her song of love.

Blessed is She, Dance of the Universe,
Whose grace-full movement
breaks open our lives
to the twists and turns of Her Spirit.

She gathers us into Her circle of friends
to teach us Her dance of trust,

Blessed is She, Hope of the Universe,
spilling new possibilities
on the dead dreams of the despairing.

She gathers is into Her new creation
to help us begin again.

Blessed is She, Heart of the Universe,
beating with passion,
warm with compassion,
holding us all,
enfolding us all
in Her gentle, mystical Presence.

She gathers us into Her energy
to show us the strength of Her love.

Blessed is She, Soul of the Universe,
feeling the pain of those who grieve
and the joy of those rejoicing.

She gathers us into Her Spirit-space
to teach us to be like Her.

Blessed is She, Shalom of the Universe,
Holy and wholly present
to the whole of Her cherished creation.

She draws us into Her sacred Shalom
until we are one with Her.

"Berekah: A Psalm," Miriam Therese Winter, WomanWisdom: A Feminist Lectionary and Psalter / Women of the Hebrew Scriptures: Part One (New York: Crossroad, 1991), p. 56.

Image: a close up of a painting on my dining room wall, by Jason Garwood, some of whose other work can be found here: https://www.greenstagegallery.co.uk/artist/29/jason-garwood#biography