Space Psalm

Let stars reverse their courses--hallelujah--
Let planets flaunt their necklaces of ice--
Let suns confound eclipses--hallelujah--
Let moons' scavenged radiance rejoice--

Let galaxies recluster--hallelujah--
Let nebulae uncloud and celebrate--
Let meteors spread banners--hallelujah--
Let black holes unleash astonished light--

Let comets jump their orbits--hallelujah--
To jangle inadvertent atmospheres--
With rumor of the distance--hallelujah--

Jacqueline Osherow, "13 (Space Psalm)," from her 1999 collection Dead Men's Praise. I found it in Jay Hooper and Kimberley Johnson, eds, At the Door of God: An Anthology of Devotional Poetry (New Haven: Yale UP, 2013), p. 365. See and