Clutching at Gossamer

The Irish priest-poet Padraig J. Daly, author of the lovely God in Winter, has published some wonderful "small psalms" in Image Journal, Here are two:


Master of the waves that hold the stars,
The loops enfolding all there is,
You look on us, nodules on a clod,

And give us minds to comprehend
Driblets of your design,
Awing us with skies and tides

And glittering dust,

Teach us to know that we are loved;
And deeply.



I marvel at those who readily assert
Knowledge of you
When all I do
Is clutch on gossamer.

---Padraig J. Daly, "A Small Psalter," Image Journal 95

And to correspond to the “small psalter,” here is a poem from God in Winter, with its emphasis on “small living”:

Convictions 2.

In this corner of immensity,
Under climbing trees,
Far from our nearest star,

Let us live kindly with one another,
Knowing that, in some unnameable way,
Such small living matters.

(p. 20)

Daly, God in winter.PNG

God in Winter (2015)