On October 26, 1985, Uluru (“Ayer’s Rock”) was returned to its traditional owners.

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Image from the remarkable monument to the Stolen Generations at Mt. Annan Gardens, Sydney. A pathway through the bushland is marked by memories like this one:

”The biggest hurt, I think, was having my mum chase the welfare car. I’ll always remember it—we were looking out the window and mum was running behind us and singing out for us.”

The pathway leads to an opening with a large stone sculpture. One side of the sculpture shows a family walking—a mother with babe in arms, a father’s guiding hand on a boy’s shoulder—and the other side of the great stone shows the Great Spirit, an Aboriginal depiction of the divine, weeping profusely.

Visitors are invited to use bowls provided to scoop water from a small pool at the foot of the sculpture and pour the water over the figures in the memorial: tears of the dispossessed, tears of God…

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(Photo: Stephen Burns)

“The rock at the heart of our land.”