Christian Worship in Australia

The continent is old, older than most land masses, containing some of the oldest rock samples geologists have discovered on earth. God has been at play here for an unimaginable length of time, forming and reforming forests, seas, lakes, coral beds, mountains, rivers and plains, all the whole populating and repopulating them with trilobites, dinosaurs, Wollemi pines, deadly funnel web spiders, flowering waratahs, marsupial tigers and the monotreme platypus. It is a land unlike any other, weathered to an unimaginable flatness with a consequent vastness of sky, space and light. A corollary is that the land is virtually unbounded; artificial boundaries are soon rendered inconsequential…

—Gerard Moore, “Sacramentality: An Australian Perspective,” in Stephen Burns and Anita Monro, eds, Christian Worship in Australia (Strathfield, NSW: St. Pauls, 2009), p. 144

IMG_4454 2.JPG

Cross planted in sand on beach for World Youth Day in Australia, 2009. Cover image for Christian Worship in Australia.