INORI = Adoration

My soul wakes up with a contented smile:

Ian Parsons writes from Berlin where he just witnessed an astounding performance of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s INORI (Concert Philharmonie, Berlin, 18 September 2018). He writes - ecstatically:

“INORI — The word is Japanese. It is kind of a cross between adoration, prayer, and invocation. But Stockhausen mainly translated it simply as adoration…”

“My soul wakes up with a contented smile after last night's glorious performance of Stockhausen's INORI at the Berlin Philharmonie - there are so many pictures about it, like this one of Diego Vásquez and Winnie Huang captured in just one of over seventy minutes of towering moments, the image below photographed by Gisela Schwarz. 'Adoration' is what the name means… So this extraordinary INORI journey comes its end with tonight’s overwhelmingly powerful performance and the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra. Dionysus arising from De Profundis, reaching upwards and outwards; Apollo on high. God and gods celebrated in universal adoration through music and gesture. Thank you all so much, Diego and Winnie, and also to Emmanuelle Grach and Jamil Attar and to Kathinka Pasveer and Alain Louafi for making these magnificent performances possible and for allowing me to come along for the ride. You have worked so long and so hard and so lovingly. And so creatively. So musically. Thank you.”

Photo (above) by Gisela Schwarz

Photo (above) by Gisela Schwarz

Series of four photos (below) from Musikfest Berlin:
Das war das Finale des diesjährigen Festivals mit Karlheinz Stockhausens "INORI", präsentiert vom Orchester der Lucerne Festival Academy und Peter Eötvös, den Tänzermimen Winnie Huang und Diego Vásquez unter der Klangregie von Paul Jeukendrup! Wir danken allen Beteiligten für ein tolles, bereicherndes Festival, verschnaufen kurz und planen im Anschluss voller Vorfreude das Musikfest 2019!

Above 4 photos thanks to Musikfest Berlin /

Ian Parsons is an Australian musicologist, specialising in the music of Karlheinz
Stockhausen. - thank you!