Gratitude for a Prayer Mat

— by Tegan Northwood / April 2019

I think I just want to express gratitude for something this morning. I have been reflecting again on the miracles you can encounter while travelling and how grateful I am for my current prayer mat. I was GIVEN this (I think it's a high-quality, probably expensive mat - this would be pretty expensive here) in Granada by a man in a shop along the canal. I was wanting to buy a good quality one having been doing the prayer once a day for about five years previously.

He was Spanish so it took awhile to get across what I was looking for, and when he did he was obviously surprised by the fact that I was a white western woman... I think I had been told to go there by another shop owner, but there were only cheap cloth ones in this shop so I said 'don't worry, it's okay, but would you know where I can buy a better one?' He told me to come back and meet him the next day. I did but due to a phone messup I was a bit late... I arrived back there to find he had come to meet me on his day off and brought me a mat from his own personal collection, and would not accept any payment for it. Looking at it I knew it was good quality and would be expensive to buy. 
I wish I could have thanked him more properly, it was a real gift. I spontaneously gave him a hug (which may have been a bit awkward for him...not sure).
This was already quite soon after an amazing and unexpected experience in Cordoba at the ancient Mezquita there which I literally had no idea about before I went there!
There is no way I could have forseen this happening but it turned out to be a true highlight of my trip last year.
Remembering that. ❤️ Not quite a year but not far off.


— Reflections and photo by Tegan Northwood, who contributed her story and photos from Spain at the Mezquita de Córdoba.