Trekking with Hine Ma Tov

A short cross-cultural Faith trek in music

A Singaporean visitor enjoying the Hebrew Music Museum in Jerusalem, Dr. Calvin Chong of the Singapore Bible College— whips out an Irish Pennywhistle and in the Museum’s marvelous acoustic space, plays Hine Ma Tov - a well known Hebrew song meaning “How good it is” … three cultures in one!
(raise volume on video below)

Hineh ma tov uma na'im
Shevet achim gam yachad.

How good and pleasant it is
For brothers & sisters to sit together.

From the Hebrew Songs website (source : Psalm 133)

And to continue with “How Good It Is” (and leaping across the many versions found in Hymnals) — here is a contemporary, Evangelical Christian / Country & Western / Gospel styled How Good It Is, sung by Keith & Kristyn Getty Live at the Gospel Coalition - (with Irish Pennywhistle, of course).

… with thanks to The Hebrew Music Museum, Dr. Calvin Chong, and Singaporean drummer Jeremy Yeo

Hymn to Nature : Skaros / Greece

Petroloukas Halkias, clarinet  and Vasilis Kostas, laouto

IN THE RECORDING STUDIO : Skaros (traditional folklore tune from Epirus, Greece)

Enjoy this soulful music of land, animals and our livingness upon the Earth.

"SKAROS" in a dialogue between the Clarinet and the Laouto! Petroloukas Halkias and Vasilis Kostas. Presented at the Berklee Global Jazz Institute of Berklee College of Music in Boston.