Happy International Women's Day!

...I had no precedent for being valued. Everything that came from a woman’s experience was considered trivial. I wasn’t sure if my work would shift that paradigm or not, but I had to try.
— artist Carolee Schneemann, 1939-2019



A small exhibit of three photos: expressive moments, each with a distinct feeling.

I lifted these images out because they seem to coexist in an interesting way.

Image sources: in and around Melbourne. Country town, church, art gallery. A celebratory parade with strong elements of protest. Men deep in prayer at the Nigerian church. A pregnant women suspended in a dreamlike field of colour.

Enjoy the connections…. (click to zoom images)

All photos by Catherine Schieve… 2014-17

Welcome! We're glad you're here

And here comes 2019!

A few images that say “looking forward” to me…..
A mysterious graffiti, looking into the eyes of a Raven, a flash of light along the highway, Art Deco lamps in the ceiling of the Church of All Nations… the open roads of our Victorian landscape, and: massive fireworks over Melbourne!


Photos by Catherine Schieve, 2018