"Hearing Angels sing" : Pentecostal worship in Singapore

An extraordinary experience of sound and spirit is captured here on-camera, from the perspective of a worship musician on stage during a conference run by Patricia King Ministries in Singapore (Patricia King is an apostolic minister and entrepreneur).  The video is by Jeremy Yeo. His description follows:

"This happened in Patricia King's Conference in Singapore. Andrew Yeo the worship leader wished for himself to be able to hear angels sing in his lifetime and Patricia King said it will be granted to him and we started hearing Angels sing in a consistent note. This video does not do the actual experience any justice. From my experience being the videographer of this video, the Angel voices were crystal clear and placement of the consistent tone was right up at the ceiling around the whole hall. No musicians were playing at this point and the congregation started singing along. Listen out to the consistent note throughout the video and you'll be able to pick it out. Enjoy"

- Jeremy Yeo, videographer and worship participant

Singing with the Angels, Pentecostal worship, Singapore (Patricia King Conference, Assemblies of God denomination). Location: Bethesda Cathedral Singapore; 2011. This conference was a mixture of denominations of the protestant churches in Singapore. Video by Jeremy Yeo.