Judith Wright

Living is Dailiness

“Bread Suspension—Worship Trick 73,” at    jonnybakerblogs.com

“Bread Suspension—Worship Trick 73,” at jonnybakerblogs.com


Living is a dailiness, a simple bread
that's worth the eating. But I have known a wine,
a drunkenness that can't be spoken or sung
without betraying it. Far past Yours or Mine,
even past Ours, it has nothing at all to say
it slants a sudden laser through common day.

It seems to have nothing to do with things at all,
requires another element or dimension.
Not contemplation brings it; it merely happens,
past expectation and beyond intention;
takes over the depth of flesh, the inward eye,
is there then vanishes. Does not live or die,

because it occurs beyond the here and now,
positives, negatives, what we hope and are.
Not even being in love, or making love,
brings it. It plunges a sword from a dark star.

Maybe there was once a word for it. Call it grace.
I have seen it, once or twice, through a human face.

Judith Wright: Collected Poems (Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1994), pp. 331-2.