The Ordination of Lima Tura

United Church of the Solomon Islands / Dec 27, 2017

Reverend Lima Tura of the Solomon Islands contributes a photo-essay from her ordination as Minister of the Word, into the United Church of the Solomon Islands (USCI) . Her ordination ceremony was held on December 27, 2017 at David Kakapa Memorial Church in Hunda village on Kolombangara Island. Her current placement is Lecturer at Seghe Theological Seminary— the only United Church of Solomon Islands-owned College.

Reverend Lima Tura, ordained Minister - photo by Paul Williams

Reverend Lima Tura, ordained Minister - photo by Paul Williams

The following photos show the community's procession, leading her "in my traditional wear before the ordination worship in church." —and emerging an ordained Minister surrounded by family and friends.

Rev Lima Tura also provides some additional notes about the significance of the traditional procession and symbolism of the surrender of items, as follows:

"My immediate families and tribal families accompanied me in the procession and it has been reflected in our traditional costumes. My families marched in procession with a hymn sung and led me to the front of the Church in the presence of the Minister who warmly received me. I surrender 3 items I carried with me. A traditional mat, a root crop and a traditional money I'm wearing. These items represent our cultural belief system that being rendered to the God who calls me into the Ministry. In the church during the ordination ceremony, I sat with my families then after I was being stolled then I changed seat to be with the clergies who attended the ordination. This symbolised that I'm ordained into the ministry of word and sacrament for life."

All photos by Paul Williams, with thanks


-- Guest contributor Lima Tura, with Catherine Schieve, editor.